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                                          Ramirez Cartoon June 8, 2004        

                                                                           The amazing Michael Ramirez...

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    (Right) Rachel demonstrates that one can actually be

    happy in their work.

    (Right) Pastor Bruce wisely imparts advice, "Yes, Dear, you

    too can become one of KJAK's finest."

    (Above) The proud look of parents Pastor Bruce and Cindy, knowing they have trained some of KJAK's best.


    (Right) From China, RB, Mrs. RB, and RB Jr. Mrs. RB is not feeding RB enough.

    This page will serve as a look back at all the great memories generated by KJAK Radio 939 FM, and will also display some of KJAK's favorite web sites.

     (Left) J. Wally, Junior, P. Vernon, Roger Dodger, DK the DJ, RB, and the Pastor at Roger Dodger's wedding, circa 1983.


      (Above) The amazing P. Vernon at the controls, asking, "Can a KJAK Radio broadcast be done in Braille?".


    (Left) KJAK was there in 1989 when DK the DJ proposed to the future Mrs. DK.


    (Above) The Pastor's first car, a 1969 Datsun 510 4-door sedan, purchased in 1972 for $850.

     (Left) KJAK conducting an informal couch interview, with Big Joe, Junior, Pastor, P. Vernon, DK the DJ, and JA, circa 1989.

    (Above) 1982 at COD: Doc Tennis Shoe, Junior, Roger Dodger, Pastor.

    (Left) DK the DJ emphasizing a point at COD in 1977.


    (Above) J. Wally unable to find the hoop (again!) at Roger Dodger's High Desert Classic in 1989.

    (Left) Fluffy displaying some attitude during her shift at KJAK in 1981.


    (Above) The incredible Mitch Cooley (circa Aug. 1976, while performing at Mt. Hermon, CA), who guest hosted a KJAK broadcast and went on to be a fantastic DJ in his own right...

    (Left) The innovative mind of GT, deep in thought as he creates another commercial for KJAK Radio 939 FM (1990).

    (Above) J. Wally and the Pastor during a 1994 KJAK broadcast.

    (Left) Roving reporter P. Vernon on the road for KJAK Radio.

    (Above) Big Joe at the beginning stages of creating Studios West #3 for KJAK Radio, circa 1989.

    (Left) P. Vernon works a shift in the KJAK Radio accounting department.

    (Above) In March 1992, a very young Melissa can't wait for her shot at a KJAK Radio broadcast.

    (Left) It's "Point / Counter Point" as Junior, Dr. Dirks, and a John Wooden look-alike discuss the UCLA / USC rivalry.

    (Above) J. Wally, ace engineer from the J. Wally School of Engineering, takes his turn at selecting the music for another KJAK broadcast, circa 1990.

    (Left) P. Vernon, DK the DJ, and Junior react to an "oops" to DK the DJ's pants.


    (Above) Ace Engineer J. Wally and Romeo take a break during a KJAK broadcast, circa 1994.

    (Left) J. Wally putting on another successful KJAK broadcast, circa 1990.

    (Above) "Measure twice, cut once" is Big Joe's favorite motto as he begins creating Studios West #3 - 1989.

    (Above Left) Junior, DK the DJ, and P. Vernon find that popcorn is plentiful at one of KJAK Radio's planning meetings.


    (Above) It's one of those days at KJAK Radio...

    (Above Left) P. Vernon and the Pastor interview "Washington Debby."

    (Left) Big Joe does double duty as he interviews JA.

    (Above) P. Vernon shows his savvy with the mike.

    (Left) DK the DJ, J. Wally, Roger Dodger, Pastor, Junior and P. Vernon take a break at the annual KJAK Radio High Desert Classic Board Meeting (1989).

    (Above) RB records his global adventures in JiLin, China for an exclusive KJAK Radio interview (Aug. 2004).

    (Left) Roger Dodger and family take KJAK Radio to the waterfront: Roger Dodger, Josh, Sara, David (Aug. 2004).


    (Above) Roger Dodger and Sara research the Alaskan Cruise scene for an exclusive KJAK Radio article (Summer 2004).

    (Left) P. Vernon clowns with the Pastor during New Year's Eve 2004.

     (Above) P. Vernon interviews DK the DJ at the 2005 Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA.

    (Above Left) Even Clydesdale Horses take time to be interviewed by Fluffy and KJAK Radio.

    (Left) P. Vernon provides an eloquent description of the 2005 Rose Parade for KJAK Radio, while Fluffy, Dee Dee and Kim enjoy the festivities.

    (Above) Fluffy interviews sister Maria for a New Year's Eve exclusive for KJAK Radio.

    (Above Left) What a pleasure to have Leo Karlyn attend KJAK Radio's New Year's Eve party (DK the DJ interviewing).

    (Left) KJAK Radio's intern Melissa conducts a New Year's Eve interview with Auburn, CA residents Paige, Callie and Shelby.

    (Above) Anna gracefully interprets the Classics.

    (Left) Sarah takes command of the keyboards.

    (Left) Susanna auditions for her place on KJAK's world-wide musical calendar.



    (Above) From China, RB, Mrs. RB, and RB Jr.






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