KJAK Radio 939 FM Charter Members Wish You the Most Pleasant Greetings during the Autumn of 2006!                      Fluffy Graduates from CRNA School!             

Top row (left to right): RB, PJ, P.Vernon, Junior                                                

Bottom row (left to right): GT, Roger Dodger, DK the DJ           

Missing: J. Wally, JA, Grandpa, Doc Tennis Shoe


The newest KJAK Kadets, from left to right: Sarah, Anna, Rachel, and Susanna. Welcome Aboard!

See more of the KJAK Kadets on KJAK's Favorites link.

Golf:  For the fourth year, the foursome of DK the DJ, PJ, P. Vernon and Junior tackled the links,

defending their title as the worst golfers Calvary Chapel Christian Schools has ever known. The big date was

Monday, May 15, 2006. Gentlemanly wagers were placed, and those who went against these four lads were put

in their place. Again the lowest scoring foursome, but again no one had more fun at the golf tournament!

Nationwide Search

 KJAK Radio 939 FM has just announced a nationwide search for the most beloved Doc

Tennis Shoe. He was last seen in the El Segundo area of California, and his presence is requested for future KJAK

functions. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact KJAK Radio 939 FM at sgt53@charter.net. To sweeten

the deal, KJAK will be offering a super scoop of French (phooey) Fries to whomever provides information that

leads to the Doc's reunion with his buddies.



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KJAK 939 FM - Entertaining the World for 30 Years!

"From Inglewood to Innsbruck, from San Diego to Santa Rosa," these words graced the airwaves in 1975 as KJAK Radio 939 FM was created to honor the temporary absence of a great friend, DK the DJ. For over 30 years, KJAK Radio has provided the most unique brand of entertainment the industry has ever known.

**Photo** - If anyone can identify the weakest link of this famous foursome (hint: one of the golfers has his back turned towards him), please be the first to contact KJAK 939 FM by emailing your guess to sgt53@charter.net. The first correct answer will receive special recognition on KJAK's website. Thank you.

WINNER! Who will it be?




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(Above) Big Joe, living in Arizona, in charge and on the job at KJAK's Studios West.



(Above) Winter view from Studios West.

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